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Are you a bad check victim?   Did you receive a check in Orange County?  

If yes, you may promptly and easily collect 100% of the face value of the bad check!.   Collect any amount up to $2,500.00 maximum.  Let the District Attorneys office do it for free!  Make offenders complete an eight hour education class at the offender’s expense.

Here’s the 1-2-3 solution:

1. Contact the Bad Check Writer:

Personally contact the check writer.  Ask him/her to pay 100% of the check within 10 days. (Though not required, I suggest that you write a letter to the check writer confirming your telephone conversation that you asked him or her to make 100% payment.  Make a copy of the letter before you mail it).  If you don’t reach him/her by telephone, send a courtesy notice asking for 100% payment within 10 days. 

2. Contact the Orange County “Bad Check Restitution Program:”

If the check writer does not respond within 10 days, contact the Orange County “Bad Check Restitution Program” at (949) 369-6120.  Ask for a Complaint form.

3. Prepare the Package:

Fill out the form complaint.  Attach each original NSF check and notification documents like return receipts, bank notices, etc. (after you make a photocopy thereof).  Mail this package to:

Orange County District Attorney
Bad Check Restitution Program
806 E. Avenida Pico, Suite 1
PMB 340
San Clemente, CA  92672

I recommend that you mail the package 15 days after you make the call or write the courtesy letter.  

You must submit the package within 90 days of the date of the bad check.  

Follow up:

 If you don’t receive restitution within 60 days, contact the above agency.

What is the maximum recovery?  

Answer: $2,500.00.  

If you submit multiple checks at the same time, they must not total more than $2,500.00.

Conditions / Restrictions / Eligibility:

If you answer YES to any of the below questions, you are not eligible for the program:

1.  Are you seeking recovery in excess of $2,500.00?

2.  Is the check for something OTHER THAN goods or services?

3. Were you not able to presume that the check was good when you accepted it?

4.  Is the date on the check more than 80 days old?

5.  Did you fail to record a photo I.D. (driver's license or state identification) at the time of the transaction?

6. Is the check post-dated?

7. Did both you and the check writer know there were insufficient funds at the time of the transaction?

8.  Is it an out-of-state, two-party, rent, government or payroll check?

9.  Is the identity of the check writer unknown?

10.  Is the check missing an amount, date, or signature?

11.  Is the check still not processed with the bank?

12.  Does the check involve an "extension of credit" or payment on an account?

For more information, contact:

Merchant Care Hotline: (949) 369-6120


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